The pictures constantly reminded her of him. She remembered how he used to hug her and comfort her. It was all over, just over an argument, he let her go. Her hands slowly moved towards the phone but her heart pulled them back. She was reluctant to compromise this time. She waited for him to call, but it was already over 4 days and she did not hear anything from him. Maybe its time to actually let go of the futile relation which could not sustain foolish talks.

She plugged the earphones and the waves of music overpowered every other noise, giving her an alone space to explore and unwillingly ,she left her room after 3 days. The boulevard reminded her of all the time spent laughing , the memories flooded her and tears distorted her vision.

Reluctantly, she sat on th bench and before her was the splendid view of lake which reflected the orange sun rays and enhanced the beauty of nature. She looked around to see people walking together and talking cheerfully. She remembered how she used to come here with her friends. She had not had a talk with many of her friends since her relationship started. She remembered how she used to be, cheerful and full of mischevious ideas. Her hobbies, dancing, writing, singing.. she did not get time for any of those.

Where did she go? When was the last time she spent night bitching about random people with her friends? When was the last time she actually wrote somwthing for herself? Was it worth losing it all for a guy? Ofcourse not.

She got up with a goal.. to improve everyday,to learn something new everyday,to enjoy everyday without regrets. Because “life is just to short to sit around wasting” said Eminem. And she smiled at her own stupidity and walked back to her room feeling free.



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