She looked outside again. A big picture of the big city was in front of her eyes. She saw the people running to catch the bus, to go home, crossing streets in a hurry and drivers showering curses on the worst traffic. She saw how everyone was so busy. She turned on the television to divert her attention from outside hustle. The television channels were filled with news about terrorists and the riots going on in the country. She peeked at the newspaper headlines. ‘Scam’. ‘Thousand crores rupees involved’. She felt uneasy. The thoughts wouldn’t stop. She held a cushion tightly and sat on the on the couch.
He entered with loads of grocery and candies. He stopped when he saw her, kept the bags aside and slowly went to sit beside her.
1293536-bigthumbnail“Is it safe out here?” she asked him and looked at him with eyes full of concern, “Yes, obviously why not! I will be here always!”, he said confidently.
He held her chin and asked her to look into his eyes. She did.
“Anyways, I will always be there for both of you. Always. And whatever comes in the way will have to pass through me before hurting you. And about the world, don’t you worry! Such a beautiful mother and intelligent father, he or she will shine!”
An instant laughter broke the tensed aura. A warm feeling filled her up when he placed his hands on her belly and held her close.


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