She sat in the dark. Alone. She held her teddy, now drenched in tears, close to her. Every word in the songs made sense to her now. The music of the guitar mollified and pampered the broken child in her. When everything seemed doomed, music bought her someplace else. Away from the chaos, she saw herself, making the mistake, repeated like the song. She had a path before but the will of fire, to walk and achieve had died. It was not anyone else’s fault. It was her. All this while she wanted to do was run away. Even now she does. But this time, she was alone. She stood up. Her disheveled appearance frightened her. She was shocked. She made a desperate attempt to cheer up by smiling, but, all she wanted to do was keep mum and stare the wall while the earphones continued to blast in her ears. It had been the same from two days. It was her mistake. The music reminded her of all the happy times in form of visuals on the plain wall. She found herself wishing for all this to be just a dream. She wanted to forget every name she knew, everything that made her smile, everything that she liked, everything and everyone, and just fade in the oblivion her thoughts took her to. Wishing she could just leave everything and run away she sat down with her teddy again.girl-sad-road-wide

(A peek into teenager’s mind)


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