Her eyes looked tired with almost no kohl on. She went on to come out of her room to escape the buzzing sound of fan. She wanted silence. Complete silence to think. The construction sounds, the loud talks of the workers and the hustle bustle of the street pushed their way in her ears, depriving her of the very eerie silence she longed for.

Last night was a blur. It was supposed to be a cheerful evening to be spent with her friends. A lot of laughter and jokes slowly ended up in a heated dispute and broken expectations. She traveled just for a glimpse of his smile. But things did not turn out well and she found herself stuck with one of her friends.

She picked up the book she wanted to read from a long time. She almost forgot how much she enjoyed reading. The words painted the complete story in front of her eyes. The satisfaction of having traveled into another world filled her up with unexplained joy. Even he must love doing something like this, like I do. What if he felt that I am depriving him of that pleasure? She never wanted to cage him, she wanted him to be himself and her behavior was not helping it. Not that she was always wrong, but asking him to be with her all the time is certainly not appreciated by anyone around them.

She digged for her phone midst all the dresses and blanket. Unread messaged showed ‘Good morning love’. She called him up and while talking to him she realized she found the eerie silence, the peace, inside her.



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