The Lost Childhood

He sat on the seat while the local was filling up with women. It was afternoon, but the weather was very pleasant outside. He sat there looking at everyone in amusement, the children eating the candy and mothers holding their small babies close to them. In that chaos, for a moment, sadness flashed in his eyes. But it quickly disappeared. He observed his feet, covered with grim and dust which acted as his shoes. Even in such situation, he did not let self-pity overpower his happiness and continued to play with his fingers like puppets.
He was into his own world,away from all the jibber-jabber, away from all the insecurities, he had his own little world and one aim, to sell as many hair bands and earrings as he could, to help his mom who worked as a maid and then go to the night school.
As the local started, he stood up on his feet, pulled out the big hanger filled with colorful hair bands, hairpins and earrings and got lost in the crowd of women.
His childhood passed away too quickly, he grew up too fast, the responsibilities on his shoulders were partly responsible for this. But still, the smile on his face was a way of assuring himself that one day, everything would be just fine.



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