Perfect Life – 1

It was how people described the term ‘the perfect life’. It was perfect to me, we were perfect sisters, and we felt complete. Away from the social contact, we had our own world with no insecurities. We laughed all day long, happiness radiated from both of us. But the bubble did not last too long and one day I woke up to see she left me, lying beneath the tree we gazed the stars the other night. It was all happened really fast and suddenly, I felt incomplete.

It was just a regular morning. I was walking down the street for buying milk and bread and that is when I saw her. She stood beside the flowers and was whispering something. We exchanged smiles and returned back to our chores. Never did I think she would become such an important part of my life. Just as I turned to leave the store, I thought I’d visit the lake. I sat down with the bag besides me and enjoyed the sight of water, sun and birds which never failed to make me happy from inside. This was my happy spot. Any troubles or any pain, I’d forget them when I came there. My mom used to bring me here before she left me forever. I was completely lost in my world when I heard someone sit beside me. I turned to look to find her. She was beautiful. Dove shaped eyes, shoulder length brown silky hair and a sweet smile complimented the beautiful maroon dress she was wore. She asked why I would come here. The reply was simple; to escape the world, the troubles, and the worries and drown inside something we actually belong to. To relish the love of Mother Nature in its truest form. She smiled and asked me to follow her. I reluctantly followed her even though it was getting dark. But something inside me told me to do so. After half hour of walking and talking about each other, I felt more comfortable around her; she was so similar to me, having a want to escape the autocracies of world, a writer and something else I could not put finger on. We just clicked right away. She pulled away the long grass that was blocking our view. I stood mesmerized by what I saw. A plain field with a tree in the middle, away from the town and the sky adorned by the twinkling lights filled my vision. She took my hand and led me to the tree and pats the ground besides her, signaling me to sit. She held me close and whispered, “Water has no memory” and also the stories of fairies and witches. I felt renewed and the child within me was happy like never before.


Next morning I woke up to her smiling face. She showed me the big cloth she had with her and the branches she collected. I got the clue and joined in. We did odd jobs at the town market and spent the evenings together. We’d watch sunrise together, bathe in the river nearby, grow our own food, eat the wild berries from the nearby forest, and play with “Danny”, the fury dog in the town market, sing the melodies which she’d make in her free time and then end the days with star gazing from under the tree and escape to the dreams as perfect as our lives while holding each other.

One morning, I woke up to find her standing near the river, mumbling something to herself. Upon asking, she just discarded the topic. Though it troubled me, I chose to ignore it and gave her the privacy she needed. After all, I had all that I wanted a mom, a sister and a best friend all in one. She would say the same for me. And our smiles filled our hearts with joy.

But, she left me. She deserted me leaving behind a note, “Water has no memory”.



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