Perfect Life – 2

One morning, I woke up to find her standing near the river, mumbling something to herself. Upon asking, she just discarded the topic. Though it troubled me, I chose to ignore it and gave her the privacy she needed. After all, I had all that I wanted a mom, a sister and a best friend all in one. She would say the same for me. And our smiles filled our hearts with joy.

But, she left me. She deserted me leaving behind a note, “Water has no memory”. I was puzzled, and waited for her to return. Me and Danny would sit under the tree and gaze the stars together. Then, suddenly one day, Danny came to me, all worked up indicating me to follow him. I stood up and we began the journey. He walked me through the forest, guided me and waited for me to catch up. So much do we do for the ones we love.

It was her. She held her head high,amazed by the silhouettes formed by tree leaves against the clear blue sky. Immersed in the silence, she did not expect to meet someone at that point of time. When I placed my hand on her shoulder, she was startled and stared me back with blank eyes and confused expressions. I thought it might be because she did not expect us to find her, but it was something else. She looked at me it was as if she never knew me. Danny went besides her, expecting a cuddle but whimpered when he felt her unknowing touch. Our expressions were incommunicable; we were happy and devastated at the same time. It was like someone hung us between heaven and hell to suffer the unstoppable pain. Nothing made sense. Who was she? She seemed a total stranger to me, a clean slate. But, maybe I decided to act for completing my selfish needs, I refused to let her go, we had perfect moments with each other. And whatever it does to make it perfect again, I would do it again, and again and again for my whole life!



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