Perfect life – 3

She was back. It was hard. Getting accustomed to her not knowing me. Every day was a new start. I would tell her stories, in the hope that she would remember it all. She would look at me in wonder, as if she knew she something was wrong but yet not figured out. All I knew was I loved her and that kept me going.

I took care of her, developed a new relation, all from a new start. She called herself Abby compared to what she called her before , Linda. Nothing is kept in the name, Shakespeare said, and I lived with it. We smiled and played. I sang the melodies for her, played with Danny with her, gazed the stars and recited her stories she told me before. I could see the happiness in her eyes same as what I felt at the time when she told me the same stories. I felt the entire story repeat and the responsibility to hold her as she held me before and healed the broken me. I was happy with Abby. It was the same chapter; just that she did not remember anything from the past. It was fine by me, as long as she was besides me. I acted in a selfish manner but I was happy and I made sure she was too. Well, that was all that mattered. Everything was all on the track again!

I woke up one day, to find her again mumbling to herself. This time, I felt unstoppable urge to know what was going on in her mind, just so that she would not desert me again. I did not want to lose her again. I went over, heard her say, “Water has no memory. For some time, this is all perfect. In the end, everything will perish, as the leaves give themselves away to the Mother Nature, your conscience will give you away. No matter how much you resist it, you will find yourself in the middle of the desert, with no memory of how you got there, how many people you hurt and how many people you loved. Bless all the souls’ holy lord! And bless the ones I loved and the ones I forgot!”


I was nonplussed, uncertain of what that prayer meant but again, I thought it was some kind of ritual for her. I went and tapped her shoulder. She turned back startled and as soon as she looked at me, she burst into tears. She held me close to her. Bewildered, I held her close, but she did not stop, struggling to voice her concern and battling to hold back her tears she begged me for my forgiveness. I pulled her face to level mine, looked close in her eyes to assured her that she did not need to prove or need to do anything, as long as she was with me, everything was perfect. She wailed uncontrollably and loudly, held me close, so tight; it was hard for me to breathe. I held her back. She mentioned how she lost her memory, suffering from multiple personalities due to the horrible childhood. She kept it all to herself until it destroyed her from inside. She forgot most of the times she spent with everyone when she changed the personalities. She revealed how she saw me sleeping under the tree in the morning when it all came back and hit her hard. Tears began flowing down my eyes, I found her again. We embraced, feeling complete again. I guaranteed her; I will always be there for her, when she is Linda, Abby, Miranda or anyone else. No moment could ever compare the emotions we felt at that instant. Everything fell back to the place. I knew how to take care of her now. And she wrote letters to remind her of all the memories of ours and the moments she cherished with others. Everything was flawless. We wanted nothing more. We had each other.



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