The glass was floating in the air. In front of us, it was levitating as if some unimaginable force was holding it up. Did we mention that we performed the arcane ritual, séance, when this happened? We had summoned a spirit, just for an experience and now, we were having the experience while trembling with fear.

The very next day, we were sitting with a pundit in our room. He asked me to sit beside him and look for the spirit. He started chanting mantras, but me being so terrified, I could not see anything. He asked me to be dauntless and polite with the spirit and not show any signs of fear to the spirit. As soon as I heard him, my eyes moved to the body draped in red cloth and two eyes sparkling in the dark.

As soon as pundit completed the mantra, he looked at me, the intense gaze scared me to my core and I felt terrified as well as intrepid at the same time. And I asked him sweetly, “What is your purpose?” He stood up not ceasing to stare with great curiosity. He exited the room and I followed him, leaving behind everyone else. I pursued him and in a futile attempt to spark a conversation, asked him who he was. The answer chilled me to the bones. He replied, I am a free soul. I wander without any emotions. He came near, holding the gaze and ran hand on my cheek and a scene of bucolic lands, serene river and quietness lighted up. Everything seemed surreal and pristine. The river sounds and chirping of the birds made the experience extra-terrestrial experience. And suddenly as a drop fell into a bucket, she came. She was beautiful. She came with a coffee mug in her hand and smiled. Her hair accentuated her beauty. She looked towards the pasture outside window and discussed about the wedding plans. Needless to say, it was a happy moment for everyone in the house, including the invisible me. The anticipation that something was going to disrupt the peace and it was growing bigger as each moment passed. Everything was still peaceful. The man left for the job, she resumed to doing the dishes and chores when the doorbell rang. Puzzled, she approached the door with caution. It was rare to have someone at this hour of the day, as they lived away from the city. She opened to find it was him again. He forgot the keys. She handed him the keys, smiling and parting again. In the afternoon, while the naptime, she heard someone in the kitchen. She woke up and held up a club and approached the kitchen. She remembered the yesterday’s event but shook off the idea.

A black figure stared her back with empty eyes and suddenly she collapsed with her heart beating at unimaginable rate. She had performed séance and left it in midway, and most probably trapped the black figure in the real world. The spirit, she mentioned, asked her to kill and aim for freedom. And that is exactly what she did. She killed him after he returned and flew off the cliff screaming “freedom”. Everything collapsed without a moment’s notice. And here he stood, searching for her, trapped just like him in materialistic world.

He said,”Some things are best not messed with.”

And a scream filled my ears. As I turned back to look, I felt a gust of cold air, and he was gone.



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