Tempered Emotions

She sat on the couch. Even imagining something so gruesome happen to her scared her.What a small bubble do we live in? Our thoughts are so confined.We claim to have evolved but somewhere during the transition we left behind the humanity. The act of helping someone selflessly does not appeal to most of us who are deep down in the mud of so called life problems which include fights with friends, jealousy, greed,etc. Thinking about everything makes me hate, makes me feel ashamed of belonging to the same group of living beings.

I would rather be in the tribes which live harmoniously in the forest, away from the social media which does nothing but isolate a person more. We are in the point of the era where we can have knowledge of everything but we chose to drown ourselves in useless matters. Love, career, money, pets, etc. It is not that these are not important, they starkly juxtapose the emotions and conditions of the people suffering in war inflicted countries. How would it feel, if everything you have known from the time you were born, is bombed and everything has flattened to the horizon. How would it feel, to see ruins, wounded people, broken dreams in every direction you turn?How would it feel to know that you are not safe in your own country? Would you feel anything? Or the fear will erase all other emotions from your brain? The survival instinct will control you day and night. The days and nights filled with cries from the excruciating pains, the gifts from the sky and the flowers from the rebels. How would it feel when you know that everywhere you go, there is a chance someone can take away the little life that you are clinging without a moments notice?

Thinking about everything was making her tremble, and then she heard the news reporter say,”Given the seriousness of the report, we will follow up with the funny videos circling around the internet…………………..” and funny  vines showing teens do crazy tricks was shown. She looked at them, laughed at few and went to kitchen to bring her popcorn to watch her favorite serial.

Everyday Thoughts
Everyday Thoughts

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