Crazy Chaos

What is happening in those four walls?
Ma! This is suffocating me!
Please, I want to run away
Calm down, we will talk when I am free
I am independent
Wait, what about a fall?
Get me out!
Well, you should have called.
Where are my blades ?
Dear Orihime, it is me again
Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!
Shout it out, still it will be the same.
You are stupid depressed punk
Oh, baby, I love you so much
You are a different person!
What is this rush?
Cut it, cut it, cut it,
No! I dont want one more!
Run away! Run away!
You are over reacting. Idk what for!
Ma!Can I get a tattoo ?
I will dance and paint,
Alone, alone, no one,
I wish I’d just faint.


There is so much of chaos in a mind of a person. Thousands of iterations and all of them end uniquely. And each end will bring forth a new problem to be iterated. An endless quest. An endless thought process.


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