The wind blew and she felt cold. The tears marked her cheeks. Few days ago, he pulled her cheeks saying how lovely she was. And now, the self-loathing and sadness filled her to the brim, reading the hateful texts. It hurts to love someone to death just to see them become a stranger like everyone else. It is hard when you lose a best friend along with a companion. But maybe, it was meant to be.

Maybe the stars have something planned, too beautiful ahead, for both of them. She still loved him, he loathed her. They brought out insanity in each other. But, it was for sure, she was not going to let a person take control over her, mentally abuse her and cripple her. Maybe the fast paced life was not meant to be. Maybe all the dreams they dreamt together were not meant to be. Pushing it all on fate seemed so easy. Blaming god for the events was so satisfactory and to believe that after sometime, the healed heart will learn not to love is frightening.

The thoughts did not stop. The anger blew her minds off, made her insane. She wanted to cry but there were no tears in the eyes, for she was reluctant to shed a tear for a mistake, a terrible mistake her last decision was.

The loneliness tried to capture her in her cold icy arms, convince her of the fact that how sad she was, how heartbroken she was. The sharp objects attracted her attention. Demonic thoughts sketched out evil plans for his utter destruction. She was angry, frustrated, baffled, vexed, annoyed, irritated, perplexed but inside her heart she knew, she was alone. Alone to walk in the rains when they were to hold hands, alone to see the views they planned, alone to attend places they both wished to go to, alone in the bed. One word defined all the pain. Alone.

She wanted to give it all in but she was determined and far away from it. She had decided not to be a victim this time. A lot more was to be done, and maybe it was correct time to leave it all to the fate and the stars. He never looked back once, she got the idea clean and clear. She had to get past it because she was destined to fly. She was still long was from completing her dreams to throw it all away. She will take care of herself. She will fly. She will smile. She will write.


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