Foolish heart

Foolish heart yearns for the stone cold ones for it to to broken again and again. Oh foolish heart! Mend yourself. Stop giving in on every turn and messing up the resolutions. Weren’t you there when we decided on it? Weren’t you a part of the team cheering up for the speedy recovery? Still, your softness awes me. Your kindness hurts me. Your rhythmic beating hides the pain and love alike.

Your fluttering on the thoughts makes me wonder if you ever were the part of resolution and it is clear you still live in the past. You still want the things to be the way they were, but did you not agree that the wreck was the last point? That the pain was unbearable? And that every time you see the stars, you will not dream the past? That every time you hear the song, you won’t let the tears flow? That every time you look up the screen, you will not miss the old wallpapers. You will not recite the names you chose again. You will not wake me up in the middle of the night and turn me into a sack of crying  mess!

And yet here you are. Standing tall, fighting everyone single handedly. Reminding everyone of the happy times while pushing back the falls. The fall was not enough to break you. The tears are not enough to stop you. My resolutions are not too strong to stop you from loving something so intensely. But oh foolish heart! Where will you go when the destination has changed the locations? Once occupied, it is abandoned. Our dream matrix has collapsed and in inception of the wreck, you still stand waiting for the good to happen.

Oh heart! When did you ever become so strong?



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