I sat down on the stairs with similar view in front of me. The water shined so ever perfectly, reflecting the moon’s light. The clouds adored the night sky, spreading the soft luminescence while hiding the moon occasionally behind them. They played, forming various figurines for me to imagine. Changing every second, like m thought process. Leading to new paths everyday to follow. The cool breeze completed the environment, filled the satisfaction of being there to the brim. With so much going on in my mind, I sat quietly, observing children play. Lovers talk. The grass taking control of the lake. The darkness engulf the scenic beauty. And to imagine that I had to leave this behind, filled me with emotions I could not possibly describe.

Change is necessary. He said so quietly.

And off with the wind, I tried to push away my insecurities and fear. Fear of the change. Fear of losing the protection. Fear of being independent and alone, but strong. And while the sky at the lake will continue to paint new scenes to awe the onlookers, I wish they find the same peace, solace I found.



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