Greatest Artist

It is hard to neglect journey if it takes up one fourth of your day. Sweating people,awkward positions, petty fights, ignorant wives, pepped up girls, poor singer, happy transgender, Mumbai locals have them all. Everyday is a quest to get to the destination on time and needless to say, it ain’t easy. Presenting my little experience, the rise in population is evident when one starts working in Mumbai because it roadways, locals,metros, everyone of them is equally loaded.

I have an advantage over other fellow ladies travelers. I am tall. This means, no matter how crowded the local is, if I stand, I can see sky from the door.Every day is a different chapter, because the sky is different everyday. A new day, a new painting in the sky.


The dusky sky refreshes the soul and my body strips the fatigue and rejoices in the natures beauty while “Echoes” play on in the headphones.Such is the nature’s beauty, the greatest artist any living being will ever see,an inspiration to many and a mystery to some.

Crammed in silver jungle, where the hunger for notes can compel humans to dig up the dead and sell them, a look above seems like an escape from this cage.

Lucky were our ancestors, who lived in harmony with surroundings, whose days began with sun caressing their cheeks and ended with stars treating their eyes. The ancestors, who did not think twice before drinking water from the pure river or playing in the mud. Lucky them, to have seen the greatest artist when he was not compelled to rain acid from the sky.



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