The Ride

Vast green fields stretched on either sides of the empty road. The sky was full of grey clouds ready to burst out but instead it drizzled, which made everything perfect. The plantation had a freshness associated with them, given that the monsoon season had just started. The mighty mountains, laced with thin waterfalls which made their way to the flat lands, completed the entire view which hit me like dope.

I saw farmers ploughed the fields, the children watched the few vehicles pass with great awe, variety of different scarecrows were erected on the fields, the yellow flowered wild grass covered the vacant lands. The occasional bumps on the road slowed us down. The roads were carved from mountains.The curvy roads with blind turns were like a woman blessed with beauty along with rage.

Humans and their creations flashed every now and then but animals were no where to be found. I did not see any cows, pigs or dog, let alone the cats. It seemed as if the scenery was reserved only for humans,the thought of this filled me up with disgust and even scared me. This experience was pleasant in terms of the sight seeing but the decrease in the number of animals from our everyday lives, stuck to me like the dirt on my skin after the bike ride.







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