The ink

The ink dissolved turning into vivid figurines and energy. The peace climbed into the nerves amidst the storm that had settled deep inside the soul and the calming effect was vividly visible from the smile that formed on her face.This smile was different, he could tell. It was not because of anyone, it was because of herself. Long time had passed since she had required no reason to smile, with thoughts clinging to her brain refusing to loosen their grip, today she had finally broken free.

She roamed into the imaginary land, soaking up the information, climbing up the stairs, flying with the wind, waving to her friends, doodling and talking to the sheets. All her troubles unfolded and provided her the way to the light, the endless peace like the river flowing amidst the gardens. The fear of being judged, the fear of being ridiculed,the fear of everything vanished in thin air, like the smoke she breathed out and played with. The empty rooms turned into home, the night became a turning point of lifetime. An evolution was on the way. By the look on her face, she realized the meaning of love, care and on the top of all,PEACE.

Dancing to the music of her own, she looked into my eyes and our thoughts linked. I could feel her and she could feel me. I could feel her pushing pushing back the fears, her heart beating against her chest, her presence was mingled in mine. And the hands met halfway and we sat paralyzed by love the whole night.

We both knew it was an illusion, a trick, an absolute truth but desolate path,but it was all good. For once and all, it was all better. For the ink, that wrote the letters, that flowed in our blood, dilated our pupils, formed the figurines and sketched the path to  the light.




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