The little boy stood there on a crowded platform filled with people wo were too busy with their lives, looking at the amazing display of colourful milk bottles in the shop. He looked around himself to find no one, he turned and sat on the nearby bench.

A man approached the shop to buy something when he felt a tug on his pants. He looked down to see a small guy, the little boy, pointing towards a milk bottle, asking to buy him the milk bottle. The man shooed the kid away. The kid waited for another customer to come and did the same thing. The man looked at me and gave me “what to do!?” look. I returned him ” idk man..pretty tough situation” look.

Why was it so difficult? It would have been easy to spend just 25 bucks and buy him the milk bottle. The little boy would have been happy and content, and also the satisfaction of helping someone makes one feel good. So why not buy him the milk bottle?

He was a child, who was taught by his very irresponsible parents that he should nag or persuade people to get him what he wanted. This thing might work while he was young, but what about when he grows up? No one would pay heed to his pleads or donate some money or buy him food because people would see a grown up individual in him. But according to his observation, from the time he roamed around in streets, people provided him what he wanted which cultivated a sense that the people who did not buy him were bad people which would fuel anger, the feeling of rejection in the individual. A sense of dependance on others would leave him crippled in the society with strict norms and busy people.

Is this all worth ?

That is just too much of thinking.

I turned away and started walking to my house because it was getting late. And didn’t anyone say, that ignorance is bliss?


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