There are very few moments when everything around you just slows down and the main focus is on the voice that speaks in your head. Subconscious thoughts voiced by a voice which has evolved along with you, has fought with you, been there for you, dragged with you when you were wring and laughed when you were being silly.

I don’t know how it goes about for other people but being an INFP -T person, particularly gifted with a turbulent mind, the conversations take a dramatic turn almost every time. It is very weird to see a website predicting something about you that you’ve never noticed. And the conversations, they are so true about them. The conversations used to be jolly when I was a kid but then turned for the worst while growing up. It is true about the negative thoughts. The fact that they could settle in your brain so easily, like a pest, extremely hard to get rid of until you are friends with them. See the path,eh?

Anyways, sometimes the conversations start with how I should really get my life together and end with me thinking about how the color of the roses fade when they dry out.
It wasn’t until now I actually paid attention to the turbulence, of not being able to focus on any situation or of not being able to remember the melody as the next one is fighting its way in. But hey, sometimes that is what you want. Your thoughts coloring the gray and monotonous life at the job.



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