She smiled but her reflection did not. Swollen eyes, dishevel appearance, messy hair in addition to a messy mind. Expectations crawled into a happy mind, turned the key to the world of the weird obsessive observations where not returning a smile meant hatred. The hunger for appraisals, the thirst for unending lust, the want for being loved unconditionally, the unrealistic goal of being someone’s favorite, everything seemed so real.

The feeling of burdening others with deep untold feelings did not seem wrong then. Her search for someone who’d relate to her journey was unfulfilling and was driving her to the point of craziness. The days passed with her worrying about non existent troubles and her speculating mind found immense strength to paint imaginary scenarios across the blank canvas. Lost in the fictional movies, searching for a story she could relate, she denied all the conversations which would end up with her being judged and the cycle of fanatical thoughts would start again.

The phone stayed quiet, maybe intelligent enough to not fuel the laconic lady.




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