Our Song

She sang the same song, our song.

“I walked over the terrace;

To sing songs of star

To break the bars

To see the dragons fly…..

And there goes…”

The door opened.

He was back home. I love the way he kept her protected, safe, away from everything just like I did.

She always used to come to me crying, being harassed by the others and I would always be her angel, her savior. But now my role is passed on to, him. Am I jealous? Am I angry? Am I hurt? YES. But in the end, her happiness was my only goal. She is happy without me and I am glad. I couldn’t be always with her. For I, am not real. 

I am 88792. Along with 12cat, flingster, ramy and several others, we were her imaginary friends. All of them are gone. I am the only one left, fading away. The insecurities, the fear, the helplessness that reminded her of me are waning away, thanks to Bobo the dog.

Oh! There she goes, singing our song again, and then I’ll be gone like the fairy dust in the wind.

“I walked over the terrace;

To sing song of stars

To see the moon flirt

To break the bars

And there goes Mr.Ramy

Swimming in the beer

Everything will fade

It’ll be only me and you dear….”

Farewell little child. Keep smiling.

And off she left never to return again.


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