Friends Forever

Her smile reflected the happiness she was feeling inside, seeing someone she held so close to her JKCreatives_Best-Candid-Wedding-Photographer_Coimbatore-Chennai-Bangalore-Tamil-Nadu-HyderabadKerala_0061heart so elated, could not be put down into words. No words would do the justice to the emotions contained in her heart.

They were always together, whether it was going to the college or gossiping about the recent ongoing topics. Their laughter filled the empty halls of two houses and made it feel more like home. The term, BFF or Best Friends Forever was apt to describe their relationships and I felt content to see the friendship blossom from the very beginning. Many hurdles came and went but their bond strengthened and progressed to a more mature stage. Death, heartbreak, distance, money issues, they had seen it all together in the span of 8 years. They were like sisters from different wombs and not even their mothers denied that.

And today, it was one of the most exciting days for both of them, one of them was getting married to the love of her life in a simple ceremony and she made sure that her friend was comfortable during the entire day. Whether it be putting her bindi in place or helping her straighten her saree, she knew and did it all.

And in the end, it was bidayi time and she was no where to be seen, but later on, she informed me that she went to kitchen to cry her heart out so that her friend wouldn’t see her cry as it would be impossible to control both of them then. The pain of being separated and the joy of her friend marrying the love of her life, both were the extremes. Too hard to control. She was happy for her but sad for herself as she will miss her company, their outings, their stupid jokes, their time together, everything! She watched her sit in the car with her husband.

The clouds gathered as if to bid my sister goodbye and wish her luck for her new marriage life when she commented that the weather was similar to when my aatya (father’s sister) was married. It came to me as a shock as even I was not able to recollect the situation but she knew everything perfectly and the marriage took place when my sister was 7 years old and I was 3 years old!

How do you know about this situation? It was long time back! Even I don’t remember“, I asked.

She looked at me with a smile and replied,”My dear, I know everything. EVERYTHING.

The depth of their relationship, the innocence, the love and care she possessed for my sister had no bounds and that touched my heart. My sister is really lucky to have a friend like her.

Lucky are the people who find their replicas in their best friends! Kudos to such friendship!



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