My Recurring Nightmare

I have been having recurring nightmares for about 2 months now. Every morning, I wake up feeling grateful for whatever I saw was not real, but the emotions were just so real. Yesterday night itself, I woke up crying after seeing something really horrible which I have no recollection of, but the fear is real, the goosebumps and the chills down the spine were surreal. I tried to recollect some parts of my dream and though it might not seem to be that horrible, the actual experience was.

The dream was a collection of two incidents and I am the spectator, a weird spectator.

It is a clear Monday morning, I get onto a AC bus which will drive me to my office location, nothing too out of place, the bus is filled with commoners, everyone too preoccupied in their phones but there are three beautiful young ladies in bright Punjabi suits, giggling and laughing. I didn’t notice that I was staring at them and suddenly they took notice of that fact. All of them turned their faces towards me, with a grim look on their face which is nothing but scary and my heart stopped after the next second. Their faces started to decay and there was nothing but a void staring back at me. To give you a basic idea, it was something like the pic below, just much more horrible with their bodies bearing marks,scars and loads of blood. No one in the bus was experiencing the same view, seems like it was only me for the epic roller coaster ride.

Image result for hollow face scary

Image result for hollow face ghost

The bus darkened and a red light covered the entire interior with only me and the three girls inside. It was eerily silent, not even the sound of my breath and suddenly, I hear a scream. I walked past the three girls with their faces turning towards me wherever I go, I saw one girl unconscious and a guy or group of men running away. The girl was severely injured and was bleeding profusely, I tried to talk to her, she cried and cried and cried and held me close and vanished in midair. The three girls cam near me, but now, their faces were normal, they asked me to play with them. Being frightened to the core, I dared not disobey them and we played quite for sometime. They loved to frighten me, so one of them would fly through me to the other side and I would turn to be face to face to a void. My shrieks were funny to them, but after sometime, I was comfortable with the spirits. I got to know the gruesome story of their horrible rape, the incompetent police and law which failed to provide them justice because of insufficient evidence, the mental torture and eventually the news of the minor rapist being released on bail and given a job as bus driver and everything connected like a circuit in my mind. I looked at the driver! He was dead, with voids covering his entire body but his face had an expression of pure fear.

I saw the bus ram into the an old woman driving an scooter. (weird, no one drives scooter nowadays!)


“I asked her to be here as soon as possible, I don’t know where she is! Such an irresponsible woman. She has a flight in 3 hours and what to say! Don’t worry son, I will get her to the terminal.” He looked at his watch and took out his activa to search for her as she was not picking up his calls and that worried him. He was driving the activa, in the mirror he saw her wife take a wrong turn. He applied braked but it was too late, he was already stuck in a traffic jam, with police vans and criminal vans blocking a lot of space. But the anticipation of very next event compelled him to throw his activa and start running, a bus was about to collide the traffic jam. He took shelter behind a huge tree trunk by the road and there was definate CNG gas leakage.

A man and two kids walked into the scenario, washed themselves with some liquid and screamed,” Vengeance for Sameeksha!” and set ablaze the entire street.


And I wake up.

Breathing sharply. It’s 7:30 AM, let’s not sleep anymore.



2 thoughts on “My Recurring Nightmare”

  1. My face was eaten by Wolves in a jungle at night once
    I hid and ran away from suit wearing aliens
    I recently removed spider eggs from holes in my palms and pulled a long larva out by using a pin which tore the skin of my hand across while doing so(it was that long)

    But still I sleep hoping for the dreams where I get to jump on roofs and skate around everywhere like on ice and move things with my powers…


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