Everyone is a non-vegetarian!

My colleague offered me to enjoy some sprouts during the office time and the joy was evident on my face when I picked up some for myself with my brain anticipating the taste and brain releasing the dopamine. Maybe that seems like an exaggeration but I can assure you it was not. When you’re away from your home, you crave for simple food. Most of us learn this the hard way. So back to the topic!


I pick up the healthy looking sprouts that had grown roots and begin chomping it when I suddenly realize, I am a non-vegetarian. And it was not just me, every person who eats anything is a non-vegetarian or in simpler terms, takes life in order to survive. This might seem like a humdrum for most, but give it a thought.

Most of people do not eat meat because they feel guilty to savoir the taste on the expense of an animal’s death! And vegan people have the tendency to decorate this fact in huge bold letters that  they do not harm animals in anyway. Jains go to a different level in this case by not eating potatoes because they are grown underground and their cultivation kills micro-organisms in present on the potato when it is in soil. And there might be many more cultures which I don’t know about practicing something similar.

Animals are breeded for meat (chicken, emu) while farmers cultivate crops for food.

Animals are slaughtered, plants are harvested.

And anyway, you’re harming life in either way.

The word non-vegetarian is defined as used to refer to a meal that contains meat, or a person who eats meat by Cambridge Dictionary or we can simply say, anything that bleeds is considered to be non-vegetarian food and this is the reason why there is a debate whether egg is considered non-veg food or not. Just because plants don’t bleed, yell or cry does not give us right to eliminate the fact that they are hurt during the process. And many interesting sources can support me when I say that plants can actually hear you eat them.

So, either way, we are harming a life while looking after ourselves. Those healthy looking sprouts are actually babies! Those mangoes you can’t get enough of just reached its adolescence.

So should I feel bad about eating food? Umm…no! Food is love! You can’t abandon what you love!


But just realize the fact that you have no right to fill guilt into a non-vegetarian’s head. Each type of cuisine has it’s own advantage.



After all, you don’t ask lion to turn into vegetarian!!!








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