Empty handed to heaven

Listen to what elder say
become what they dreamt being themselves
Earning money for satisfaction
Lose yourselves in the crowd

Run run run fast
don’t let the others pass

Your worth is what earn
Your respect is what you earn
You success is what you earn
Your life is what you earn

Don’t trust don’t blame
don’t regret when friends sway

Drive on drive on
drive on until you fade

And no one will say your name
Everything stands in to claim
claim what you earned
Living a life which was never worth

Lose yourself in
the chime of silver
Push past everyone
to find a home near river

Your worth is what you earn
Your place is based on what you earn
Your strength is what you earn
Your love depends on what you earn

Run run run fast
claim everything you’ll never need
spend sleepless night
thinking about the next meeting

and suddenly one day you’ll die
in a moment everything will flash by
what you want isn’t what you have
cause all you need now is a hand
to hold you close, not the wealth
hold the steering here you gasp
you leave behind everything you earned
for nothing to take to heaven!

Empty handed to heaven!psychedelics


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